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Itz GONE! 

TUBI TV Special Tour


Murray SawChuck 

Now streaming on TUBI !  

It's Murray the Magician's "ITZ GONE!" TV Special - LIVE TOUR!  

With over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers and 5 billion online views, red carpet celebrity magician Murray SawChuck brings his TV Comedy Special to your venue! Regular resident magic expert on PAWN STARS, and the CW's MASTERS of ILLUSION, with avails tour dates 2023 presents the TV Live Tour Special just as shot live in Las Vegas to your theater venue!  
Add the option of ticketed Livestreams for hybrid added box office revenue, and watch the national TV sensation from over 7 television  shows and networks magically "clone" his national TV and ticket draw to your stage!


from the Associate Music Director and Orchestra Conductor of 

"The Lion King".   

Dreamland by DuPreez Strauss 


Your Happiest Animation Feature FIlm Music Memories Like You've Never Heard Them Before. 


From the Conductor Director of The Lion King, Dreamland stars DuPreez Strauss on solo grand piano.


Storytelling is a big part of this show as famous animated family movies are intertwined in a musically stunning, heartwarming capture of the turning points in so many children's lives.


Beautifully written, at every performance there are tears, cheers and laughter; a sure winner for youth, kids, family and loved ones with all the promise of the most enduring animated family film classics. 


"Musically Stunning" - Naledi Theatre Awards "Honest, respectful theatre, and Astounding Piano Playing" - Andre Schwartz, Lifetime Achivement Award "Best Theatre Seen in Ages" - National Theatre Awards "Gorgeous, wonderful, refreshing" - Glitter & Toast


 Avails for your symphony and orchestra

CARTOON CLASSICS - A Symphonic Experience with Betty Boop, Popeye, Superman and friends. Featuring the classic music of Sammy Timberg.

Before Disney and Warner Bros., there was the Fleischer Studios, a team of artists that set the standard for animation art for the next seventy years.


Imagine rare and precious film footage: animated stars projected above your symphony, in an all new concert event packaged for full orchestra.


A jazzy collage of cartoon classics from the wonderfully weird, sublimely surrealistic world of Betty Boop, Popeye, Superman and friends, projected on the big screen, accompanied by live symphony orchestra and peppered with on-stage vocal performances. “The Superman March” and score can be played in sync with the Superman cartoon. 


For your Symphony's Pops... Family Friendly and Kid's schedule.


From the Grammy and Emmy Winning Creative Mind of Gordon Goodwin

21 time Grammy Nominee, 4 time Grammy Winner, 9 Emmy Nominations, and 3 Emmy Wins - Gordon Goodwin offers up the Little Phat Band, in the wake of his famous GG's Big Phat Band. A more intimate musical experience with the players in the smaller ensemble, enhancing everyone's taste with a Little Phat. Featuring added singer Vangie Gunn, known for her work on Star Trek Beyond, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Jurassic World ~ who thrills with her "nailed it" jazz to pop vocals, and their latest single release for the very Smooth Radio friendly "Through the Fire".  Gordon Goodwin's Little Phat Band captures all the same dynamic energy of it's larger internationally acclaimed cousin, Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band; with more emphasis on spontaneity and improvisation, and covers a range of styles, from swing to funk to Latin to pop!  Goodwin has built a larger-than-life reputation throughout the music industry for his composing, arranging and playing skills. Ray Charles, Christina Aguilera, Johnny Mathis, Alejandro Fernandez, Patti Austin, Toni Braxton, John Williams, Natalie Cole, David Foster, Sarah Vaughan, Mel Torme', Simone', Brian McKnight and Quincy Jones are just a few of the artists with whom he has worked. Goodwin has also conducted world-renowned symphony orchestras in Atlanta, Dallas, Utah, Seattle, Toronto and London.

Goodwin's cinematic scoring and orchestration craft can be heard on such films as Get Smart, Glory Road, National Treasure, The Incredibles, Remember The Titans, Armageddon, The Majestic, Con Air, Gone In 60 Seconds, Enemy of the State, Star Trek Nemesis, Avengers 2, Draft Day, Grudge Match, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Escape to Witch Mountain, and even the classic cult film Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes. Goodwin's soundtrack to Looney Tunes' Bah HumDuck! - a wacky Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck riff on the classic A Christmas Carol - also features the Big Phat Band's patented sound.

 Thai Pop - Best of Big Mountain Music Festival

The G"MM' Grammy Artists Roster

The latest music stars from the largest publicly traded entertainment corporation in Thailand, who defined the independent, alternative indie rock and pop scene of Thailand! There's been J-Pop. There's been K-Pop. Get ready for T-Pop!  Thailand's organized concerts, Livestreams and music festivals generate revenue from “Sold Out” concert tickets, and the largest roster from Big Mountain Music Festival, the largest outdoor festival in Southeast Asia; which captures the attention of audiences nationwide.

KEG's affiliate company KMI arranges promotional TV Media in advance of each date, aiming the Thai Music Festival TV Specials on air in front of USA domestic TV and streaming media targeted at Pop Thai Culture reaching the Thai populations. Promo announcements, slates and click through banners lead to live event box offices. 


With top local talent and international stars, artists and acts from Bodyslam, Palmy, Pop Kongpool, The Toys, 25 Hours, Slot Machine, New Jiew and more from the breaking ground POP / ROCK / RAP /HIP HOP / INDIE / EDM / of G"MM' Grammy come to your North American stages. 


Streaming Concerts also available for your box office ticketing.   


Featuring over 45 major artists on the new repped booking for GMM Grammy, it's Thai Time for you and KEG-KMI!

Watch Video Showcase of Thailand's Big Mountain Music Festival HERE



Rock Sugar is the brainchild of guitarist/producer Chuck Duran and voice-over legend, Emmy nominated and Peabody Award Winner Jess Harnell. The band takes pop hits and melds them together with heavy rock classics to create something new and spectacular. Unlike other artists who utilize computer technology to mash songs together, Rock Sugar, actually perform the music in re-imagined form; like Metallica meets Journey, Queen meets Motley Crue, AC/DC meets Madonna, or Rick Springfield meets Ozzy Osbourne. It’s rock and roll for people with ADD…and great taste. The debut album was so well done that a certain rock star with a big ego got butt hurt and the band received a cease and desist order not to sell it anymore. This is one of the many reason’s the band’s long-awaited sophomore album has never been made. But wait… a new album is about one-third complete  and should be out in about six months with the bold claim that it will be even better than Reimaginator…Hard to imagine. Harnell uses his vocal impressionist skills as lead singer of this critically acclaimed worlds first pop/metal mash up band, with worldwide success playing for audiences as large as 100,000 at a time and opening for such legendary bands as AC/DC and Aerosmith.

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