Stage illusionist and magician

Murray The Magician is the king of Reality TV and one of the most sought after VIRAL MAGICIANS with over HALF A BILLION online views. He has been on over a twenty reality shows and a regular headliner on the Las Vegas Strip at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Internationally acclaimed award winning magician with over 30 awards to his name, Murray SawChuck who dazzled the judges and 22 million people as a finalist on “America’s Got Talent” and currently appears as a regular cast member as the Magic Expert on the History Channel’s #1 rated series “Pawn Stars.” You can also see him on CW’s Masters’ of Illusion, Fool Us, Brain Games, and again on this season of Pawn Stars!




Replace your Laserium Light Show with the 3D VR wonder of J-Walt!

Virtual Reality Concerts! Academy Award Winner J-Walt unearths his family friendly High Tech Virtual Reality Wizardry, as a modern day David Copperfield of VR. From the founding member of Disney's start up VR team at Epcot Center, enjoy his latest gian screen immersive series, Lucid Dreamscapes - Live on Stage - a live musical visual experience. Compared to LASER SHOWS or a PINK FLOYD CONCERT updated for the 21st CENTURY, all of J-Walt's Spontaneous Fantasia critically acclaimed works are the digital live performance of pioneering multimedia artist J-Walt, who utilizes the latest in interactive computer graphics and Virtual Reality techniques to bring paintings to life.

Bookings are for all theatrical formats: 

Large Screen, Flat Screen, 360 degree spherical dome, and even 3D cardboard spectacle glasses or VR Occulus type headsets. Book now!


from The Lion King On Broadway, original cast - featuring Tsidii

Tony Award nominee Tsidii Le Loka is the lead voice heard by millions on "Circle of Life"(Grammy Award, original cast CD,THE LION KING ON BROADWAY). Original role of "Rafiki" on Broadway, the only performer to perform at Nelson Mandela's first International Press Conference after his release from prison. Awarded The Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement in Musical Theatre by The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters;  the Outer Critics Circle Award, Drama Desk Award and Drama League Award for Outstanding Performance. Stage and recording collaborations include Sting, Elton John, Madonna, Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba, Dionne Warwick, Roberta Flack, and RIVERDANCE ON BROADWAY.

The music of Peter Connelly (Tomb Raider, and other works)

Reimagined by Dr Richard Niles

An epic remake, reimagined symphonic work of video game and multimedia composer Peter Connelly's original Tomb Raider soundtracks from The Last Revelation, Chronicles and The Angel of Darkness. Performed by your symphony, the event repeats prior exhibition in similar works by the London Symphony Orchestra. The newly reimagined work performed by orchestra to new 3D animation as visualized action-adventure sequences on the big screen to orchestra performance of soundtrack live, brings the reimagined legacy and tribute to life in new ways. An experience your audiences will want to re-live time and again. New arrangements and orchestral score provided by the legendary Dr Richard Niles, world-famous Orchestrator / Arranger / Musician, who has worked with a veritable who’s-who of pop, such as Paul McCartney, the Pet Shop Boys, and Trevor Horn CBE. The The Dark Angel Symphony promises fans a completely new experience of the Peter Connelly Tomb Raider music that players and audiences all know and love. (Reimagined work, Tomb Raider is the official property of Square Enix) used for descriptive purposes only.

The Dark Angel Symphony 
The music of Peter Connelly

(composer of Tomb Raider etc.)
- Reimagined with arrangements by

Dr. Richard Niles. Available for Symphony dates.

See Fundraising in Composer's Kickstarter:


Based upon the King Features - CBS Television Animated TV Special

The all new Live Show based upon the animated TV Special features all the fun and music of the late 80's broadcast, which comes alive on stage, with live cast and animated 3D sets, routed touring show for 2019-2020 dates. Enjoy the advance promo for Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery as produced in 1989. 

Currently is development as a touring show, off Broadway markets, to hopscotch around the country, with former casting by Ron Knight, Knight Mediacom, and Animation Director John Hays, now doing animated set design as projected backdrops withe live cast. Advance orders and interest only. In Development.



Noted for Disneyland Records, 

voices for many of Disney's characters, 

one of their top voice actors

A certain air makes you well aware that Will Ryan and his Cactus County Cowboys (and Girls) are saddling up for another musical adventure in that quarter section of the wide-open spaces known as Cactus County, and situated, as Will Ryan declares, exactly somewhere south of paradise and west of the land of dreams.  Will Ryan and his musical aggregation unabashedly play...not country music, nor folk, nor blue grass...but good new-timey Cowboy music inspired by the Saturday matinee ousters and radio roundups of yesteryear...and they play it with a significant twist. Whether Will Ryan and his gang are singing about abundant flies in "Cowtown", or the turn of fortune in the turn of a card in "The Ding Dong Daddy of Abu Dhabi" or crooning the haunting "The Song I Can't Recall"every refrain in the Cactus County Cowboys' repertoire sounds toe-tapping comfortable, just like you grew up knowing all the words and notes. 

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