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A member of the NCOPM (National Conference of Personal Managers), APAP, IEBA (International Entertainment Buyers Assoc) and the ISPA (International Society for the Performing Arts), Ron Knight's background with Sirius Satellite Radio, TV network promotions, world music record labels, rhythm camps as well as honing new emerging talent fosters a harbor of management for talent. Ron's domestic and international approach to working with artists, is expressed when he says "Artists should just art. As a verb. Anything that would give them the heart attack of dealing with business affairs you can just leave to us."

KMI Presents and the Knight Entertainment Group:
As a prior national voice talent, host and music publisher that spent years acquiring various artists music for distribution on his own world music label and other publishing assignments, Ron was well prepared for the dawn of the satellite radio boom. His marketing and music experience make for a nice resume, but his voice as host of world music shows, national marketing campaigns, and a stint hosting "Destination: The World" on Delta Airilnes' global digital in flight network will ring familiar with many of the 8.5 million passengers exposed to each show. Corporate and Expo Events include NFL Properties, ERA Real Estate Franchises expos, Caribla - KFC - Yum Brands, PepsiCo, Unilever brands expo events and more. His relationship with booking events at nationwide and global Destination Resorts or support for Destination Marketers is a specialty. 

Regarded as one of the first "pioneers" in broadcast history during the first advent of satellite radio broadcasting, Mr. Knight was the first in North America to program and host a commercially viable 24/7 format in traditional and contemporary World Music, heard as the channel "Horizons" on Sirius Radio.

As the on air host of Horizons, A&E, Bravo, Inside Sirius and other talk formats, Ron led the way for many World Music artists to have their say and commentary in a most interesting talk and performance broadcast format. Aside from his World Music credentials, Ron has been heard as the national voice of the Travel Channel, in addition to Nickelodeon, ABC Wide World of Sports and other national broadcast network brands.

In live, themed entertainment, Mr. Knight has been the Chairman of Membership and Communication with the Themed Entertainment Association, an international non-profit association representing the world's leading creators, developers, designers and producers of compelling places and experiences. Shows and attractions he has been credited with include Disney-MGM, Universal Attractions, Caesar's Forum Vegas and more. 

In licensed entertainment, he has been a Senior Sales Agent for global kids entertainment network properties. 

With an educational and intra-personal goal to help a domestic culture have their own experience with World culture and rhythm, Ron became trained as a Remo Certified Drum Circles Facilitator; so that groups, communities and corporate teams could experience team building and empowerment through their own interiorized sense of "global cultural rhythms" in discovery of their own musicology and communication skills.

As a musician, composer, band leader and educator, Mr. Knight has led the 12 piece horn band VMB, a showcase revue of 70's vintage horn based jazz, rock and soul, and boasts studies in music scoring and arrangement for motion picture and multimedia with the late Mr. Buddy Baker of Walt Disney Studios.

His studies in Manhattan, NYC, at the School for Film and Television, and The American Comedy Institute give him the sharp eye on entertainment, human reaction and knowledge to match artists, shows and acts with the right audience, with a focus on live branded entertainment that extends from acts or properties with broad media exposure and cultural benchmarks. 

Chief Financial Officer- Accounting and Compliance


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