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Branded Shows... Targeted Fans...  Drawn to Box Office

Exclusive Management. Promoters, and Booking Agent Reps.

Knight Entertainment Group promotes lively, eclectic acts with wide brand exposure in the popular arts for venues to connect fans with their favorite talent, experiences, musical and entertainment stars.

From negotiations to contracting services, we afford performing arts representation for domestic US and international engagements  at concert halls, theatres, performing arts organizations. Artist managers, executive production and agency for performers and professionals working in the performing arts.

Shows that launch from broadcast, TV, cinema, literary or popular arts culture

as widened exposure to the live performing arts venue experience. 

Fans targeted exactly from social media interest counts to push into your box office ticketing landing page and into the venue.

Twisted Toonz - top draw worldwide

features today's top Cartoon Stars!  


TWISTED TOONZ - featuring the greatest Celebrity and Cartoon Voice Actors of all time performing across the world reading your favorite MOVIE TITLES in voices that you know and love! You do NOT want to miss these famous live movie reads featuring the biggest voice acting superstars in the galaxy!  


With millions of hits on YouTube and rave reviews internationally, this is the event that will kick you and your city's fans in the A**!!  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Winnie the Pooh as Darth Vader, Christopher Walken as Harry Potter, or Pinky & The Brain as Frodo and Sam!  


These events are always packed, so get ready and strap yourself in!  It’s time to experience your favorite movies in a brand new, completely hysterical and utterly TWISTED way!  Book in your venue when the Comic Cons come to your town and watch the expo marketing push to your box office!

American Legacy Icon

Singer Songwriter!


Announcing new show avails!
With her sweet, captivating voice, quirky yet insightful songwriting and bubbly, upbeat, free-spirited hippie persona, pop and folk singer/songwriter Melanie totally epitomized the whole "flower power" counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s.

The iconic American legacy singer-songwriter is best known for the 1971–72 global hit "Brand New Key", her cover of "Ruby Tuesday", her composition "Look What They've Done to My Song Ma", and her 1970 international breakthrough hit "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)" inspired by her experience of performing at the 1969 Woodstock music festival. 

Live Show includes all hits, Brand New Key, Lay Down, Look What They've Done to my Song, and more!

Roots, Folk, Performing Arts

World Rhythm Events:

A Theatrical Rhythm Spectacular


With performing and choreography credits for Santana, The NFL, The Olympics, HP Computers, Ricky Martin, The Grammys, Hollywood Pictures, and Disney...the “Rhythm Dragonz” are a visual masterpiece of powerhouse performances that ignite the imagination. The “Rhythm Dragonz”, a tactical concert production centered around the world of rhythm. World renown drummers - Chalo Eduardo & C.G. Ryche and a scalable drumming ensemble cast of award winning percussion artists offer a feast for the eyes incorporating performance, the world of many cultures. Spanning the globe from Africa through Latin America to the Ancient Far East, ethnic rhythmacology, multimedia film and live performance in  world class drumming can only be compared to a Cirque du Soleil show. A visionary and multicultural experience for audiences of all ages.  Sponsored in part by REMO, the World's Largest Drumhead Company. Merchandising can include hand held audience percussion instruments in your venue for added value events where  **Everybody Plays**! 



Future Fireworks Entertainment

The worldwide hour-long fireworks musical exhibition involving pyrotechnics, lights, lasers, flying LED drones, holograms and performance acts by Taiko drummers, dancers, fire performers and electric lit Stunt Motorcyclists in the all new, scalable show Star Island Live ! Production by Japan's top entertainment group Avex. 

Star Island – Spectacular! as seen in Japan,  Dubai, with three years running at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore with a reported 30,000 tickets sold @ average $100 to $200 tix scale per single special event - Star Island is set to transform your outdoor open venue, civic, national events or fairgrounds into a new imaginary universe - $PECTACULAR!

Represented and managed for Western Hemisphere engagements and bookings by 

Ron Knight, Knight Entertainment Group.

Television Broadcast and OTT Streaming licenses also available.



National Tour dates 2022

GUMBY - Fest!  

"The Claymation Celebration!" 

Book this Iconic, All Ages Family Friendly Weekend or MultiWeek Event!

It's a Film-Fest. It's a Museum Exhibition. 

It's a Claymation Celebration. 

And it's Merch!

The Perfect Popular Culture Mini Expo for your Performing Arts Theatre, Screening Rooms and Cultural Arts Exhibition Space


"There are so many related disciplines in the arts that are part of a stop-motion production. Having your center present Gumby Fest is perfect,”

- Joe Clokey, son of creator Art Clokey.


"Gumby Fest puts smiles on a whole new group of families and animation enthusiasts.”

- Includes Film Fest Screenings, Walk through exhibits, special events and Special Guests!


The Rise and Return of the

World's first ballgame.


Major League - ROYAL RINGBALL! ~ the Rise and Return of the World's first ballgame.

The all new Major League Royal Ringball TM pays tribute to the brilliant Mayan innovators who, among many great accomplishments, fashioned the world’s first rubber ball almost 4,000 years ago and invented the first competitive ball sport.
With the rising of Royal Ringball, we pay homage to today’s traditional Maya ballplayers who still practice the original game of legend and lore. New Royal Ringball League teams forming along with international teams and franchisees.
Major Stage Show also Available: In the Realm of the Maya - Live Family Entertainment on a Grand Stage
In the style JOYÀ by Cirque du Soleil - a whole new arts and historic entertainment event available; where a Broadway Show meets New Sports Theater genre -
* Also available for broadcast, web or paid Livestreams.